How to clear cookies on android in 6 steps

Some of your data may remain on your android smartphone after browsing the internet. Information such as your location or your activities may still not be deleted.

So how do you delete them?

Well, first cookies on android phones and google chrome must be cleared.

What exactly is a “cookie?

A “cookie” is formally referred to as an HTTP cookie, a browser cookie, or an internet cookie. The name refers to a shorter version of the “magic cookie,” which is a term for a packet of data that a browser receives, then sends back without altering it. When you visit an internet site, the web site sends the cookie to your device which stores it during a file located in your browser.

What is the use of a cookie?

The aim of the cookie is to record your online visits and activities. It makes the online experience much easier through saving browsing data.
It also assists the online shops and ecommerce retailers to identify the items searched by the user and keep track of the items in their shopping cart. Without cookies, the shopping cart would be empty each time the user refreshes the page or visits another page on the site. It also stores login information such as passwords or commonly used websites.

So, how to Clear Cookies on Android phone in Chrome?

Please follow the steps below in order to clear the cookies and cache to remove the information from websites.

1- Open your Chrome browser on your android phone or tablet.
2- Tab the three dots at the top right of the screen.

how to clear cookies on android

3- Tab ‘History’ then “clear browsing data”

how to clear cookies on android

4- At the top, select a time range, then choose “All time” to delete everything.

5- Check the boxes next to the “Cookies and site data” and “Cached images and files”.

how to clear cookies on android

6- Tab the “Clear data” option.

What happens after you clear cookies on android phone or tablet?

  • Well, some settings on websites will be deleted. For example, if you were logged in on a certain site, the login information will be deleted and you will need to login again.
  • Loading some websites might be slower due to reloading contents and images once again.
  • However, if you’re signed in into google account, you will remain logged in google websites such as google and YouTube.

It is recommended that you clear cookies on android every few months even if you don’t care about privacy or tracking issues. Clearing cookies may help solve some issues such as loading and formatting problems on websites.

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