How to use your smartphone as a webcam?

It is no longer necessary to pay the tons of money to acquire a private webcam, as it has become very easy to proceed with recording videos through social networking sites, whether Facebook, YouTube or others with a regular phone camera.

Now, it has become possible to use your mobile phone camera as a computer webcam. However, it takes a convenient and effective application to do this, and in this article a detailed explanation will be provided on how to use your mobile phone camera as a computer webcam.

How to use your mobile phone as a computer webcam?

How to use your smartphone as a webcam?

Due to the great use of the webcam in recent times for the purpose of carrying out many photographic activities; Whether on the practical or personal level, but many people still suffer from the complexity and difficulty of installing and adjusting their settings, so you can use your mobile phone as a webcam for the computer and get rid of all the hassle, as follows:

1- You need to adjust the mobile phone in a fixed and safe place to ensure that the image does not appear blurred. You can use a tripod phone holder to do this.

2- Download the free DroidCam app from the Google Play Store, then unzip the app and run it.

3- Connect your mobile phone to the computer using the same phone’s USB cable.

4- Pay attention to the sequence of steps that appear on the screen, which is represented by the requirement to enter the user’s IP number, and it must be noted that it can be obtained as soon as the application is launched on the phone.

5- Select the audio source, either from the phone or the computer, also specify the quality and resolution of the video, and the three options that appear are: Low, Normal, High.

6- Then click on the “Start” option to start the video recording process. Meanwhile, the mobile phone will send the visual image directly to the computer, thus using the mobile phone as a computer webcam.

7- It is best to control the switching settings between the front and back camera of the phone in case there is more than one camera in the same phone.

Other Method

There are several methods that can be used to use your mobile phone as a computer webcam, and these methods include the following:

  • Activate the connection of both the mobile phone and the computer to the available Wi-Fi network (connection to the same network is a requirement).
  • Connect the mobile phone to the computer with a supported USB cable.
  • Download the IP Web Cam app from Google Play Store.
  • Open the application after installing it, then start to adjust settings (audio, video quality, username and password, etc.).
  • It is possible to keep the default settings; it’s generally convenient, then scroll down the screen and hit Start Server.
  • Click on How do I connect in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Choose (I’m Using Wi-Fi router), and the user will be offered an IP address for its use.
  • Write down the IP address shown, and enter it into the user’s web browser via a computer.
  • Choose one of the links shown on the screen to use the webcam, then it becomes available to use the camera via Skype and various Windows applications.


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