iPhone 13 new features that no one wants… Get to know them!

We are in September, and this is the exact time every year when Apple is preparing to launch its conference to announce a new iPhone 13.

The American company has already announced that its next event will be on Tuesday, September 14, but because I am an Android user, I will tell you frankly, this is the time when Apple is trying to convince millions to spend hundreds of dollars for a device a little different than what they already own!

I feel there is a huge gap between the features that buyers really want and the features that Apple is trying to present as new and exciting.

iPhone users always want to have a better battery that lasts. You can poll the company’s users about what they want and you will find better battery life at the top of that list, but I don’t think you can give users that much battery life.

But the problem here isn’t the battery, it’s that there’s a huge gap between what buyers say they want and what Apple offers year after year. We have so many different iPhone models, most of them follow the same pattern that we can expect everything to come.

iphone 13
iPhone 13

The fastest processor is at the top of the list for any newer version of the iPhone but let me ask you a question as an Apple user, when have you ever heard of anyone with an iPhone less than three years old complaining about performance?

Even with older iPhones, unless some heavy apps are running, performance is usually good (unless the battery is about to run out and the system is in low power mode).

Another guaranteed thing is a better camera. It will have some great machine learning and AI features, perform better in low light, or offer some professional photography features.

But did any of this change the way users shoot or feel the difference? The answer is no.

The last feature I really saw that he really felt did greatly improve the quality of the photos was the reduction or removal of red-eye when using the flash.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen Apple introduce all kinds of smart new features into the camera, but it’s strange that I generally don’t see much change in the way people take or share photos.

And this last part, which I refer to as sharing is very important because it has become the primary way to post photos and videos now on social networks where users now want to press a button and share and that’s it.

A gap between what the user needs and what they buy!

From my point of view, there is clearly a huge gap between what Apple is focused on and what users want, some might say there are ProRAW or 4K file formats, and I would tell them it’s a great way to fill up storage space and try to sell users additional iCloud storage or upgrade and buy iPhone older or newer.

Most users will never need many features that don’t make a difference to the way the iPhone is used, but those features are great content to talk about during an iPhone unveiling conference. Another thing Apple might do is change the design or, more accurately, recycle an old design. With some modifications added and sold as new and revolutionary.

And in the end, all I’m going to say is that the things people want they won’t get, the things they don’t really need they will buy, and that’s what a lot of companies do.

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